The Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (2)

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The Wedding Reception

The Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (2): Wedding Reception After a photography session with the official photographer Lord Snowdon, the Queen hosted a wedding dinner for just 120 family members and friends at Buckingham Palace.

Guests were served brill in lobster sauce, chicken breasts garnished with lamb mousse and strawberries with Cornish cream, all served on golden plates and accompanied by the finest claret and port.

Afterwards they enjoyed toasts and a wedding breakfast with 120 family guests. Charles and Diana's wedding reception started off as a formal affair but once the food was finished and the dancing started things got interesting.

The Wedding Cake

The Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (2): The wedding cake A total of 27 wedding cakes were sent to the royal couple. The official wedding cake, weighing 101.65 kilos and measuring 1.5m high, was supplied by the Royal Navy. The bride and groom used Charles's ceremonial sword to cut the first slice of the five-tiered rich fruit cake adorned with emblems from his Naval days, sugar doves, a confection of roses, lilies of the valley, fuchsias and orchids, and an ornamental 'C' and 'D'.

David Avery, the head baker at the Royal Naval cooking school, in chatham Kent, made the cake. It took 14 weeks, and the bottom layer took 12 hours to bake. They made 2 identical cakes, just in case one was damaged in transit. The cake was undamaged and the standby cake was distributed amongst the naval cookery trainees. Each got 2 pieces, one for the trainee and one for their mother. Avery never ate a final slice of cake, although he did sample as he was making the cake. Amongst the other suppliers of the cake was Classic Celebration Cakes in Cheshire who have also been involved in supplying wedding cakes for the last five official royal weddings. The couple's other wedding cake was created by Belgian pastry chef S. G. Sender, who was known as the "cakemaker to the kings".

The Balcony Scene

Charles and Diana appeared on a balcony of Buckingham Palace at 1pm, where they kissed to the delight of the crowds waiting in front of the Palace.

The Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (2): Kissing at the balcony

The Honeymoon

The groom's brothers Princes Andrew and Edward attached a "just married" sign to the landau that took the newlyweds to take the train to Romsey in Hampshire where they were to begin their three-month honeymoon with a night at Broadlands, the home of Charles's uncle, the late Earl Mountbatten.

They then embarked on an eleven-day Mediterranean cruise on the royal yacht Britannia, visiting Tunisia, Sardinia, Greece and Egypt, including several official visits en route. The cruise was a gift from the Queen.

The Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (2): The Honeymoon

The third part of their honeymoon was spent at Balmoral, the Queen's home in Scotland.

The Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (2): Third part of Honeymoon

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