Who's The Man Behind The Official Royal Wedding Pictures?

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Hugo Burnand: The Official Royal Wedding Photographer After our three last articles about royal wedding pictures, did you know who's the man behind the official royal wedding pictures? And how he prepared for the "Big Day"? Certainly he must be someone very trustworthy and integrity to get this big responsibilty.

He is Hugo Burnand. Mr Burnand was born on 24th Sept 1963, in Cannes, France. He first learnt about developing pictures and printing photographs on the kitchen table at home with his mother, the photographer Ursy Burnand. With all the windows shuttered, and the dark room assembled among the pots, kitchen sink and saucepans, they developed her photographs together. With his mother beside him, Hugo's lifelong passion for photography was born.

That's why his Mom often assists Hugo on important jobs like taken the formal wedding photographs of HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton on Friday 29th April 2011 with another four assistants and the marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales to The Duchess of Cornwall in 2005.

Man who has four children with wife Louisa, has also taken pictures of Spike Milligan to Michael Jackson, former prime minister Lady Thatcher and the wedding of David and Samantha Cameron in 1996. Charles also asked him to take the birthday image which marked his 60th year in 2008.

Mr Burnand spent months preparing for the wedding. As well as cameras, spares and spares of spares, the team were carrying extensive lighting and computing equipment. They were also using stopwatches to ensure perfect timing.

No wonder we can enjoy pictures in a very sharp angles from this man behind of the official royal wedding photographer.

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