Skin Care Treatment With Neck Massage

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Skin Care Treatment With Neck Massage Many women just do the treatment for facial skin, and skin care for neck pickup only (usually using the same cream for the face). In fact, fairly thin neck skin and are more susceptible to the signs of premature aging.

Neck skin elasticity is not maintained, the quality will decline during aging and age decreases collagen production. Therefore, you need to do a special treatment on the skin of the neck, one with massage. Massaging the neck should be done carefully and gently. Pressure when the massage should be light for smoothness is maintained. Here are the steps neck massage, as quoted from lookbeauty.

  1. Sit in a chair or sofa that you feel most comfortable. Rest your head and body at the chair for the body more relaxed.
  2. Paste both hands under the chin. Use both hands to refute your head. Then move your head to the left and right for a few minutes, do it slowly and carefully. This movement helps a strained neck to be more relaxed.
  3. Before the massage, lean your head into a chair, find the most comfortable position. Pour olive oil or baby oil into your palms and then apply on the skin of the neck. Neck massage using fingers (finger position horizontal) starting from near the collarbone to the chin point.
    Massage should be light, not too hard and move the left and right hand alternately. Motion carried out for 5-6 minutes serves to maintain elasticity and prevent sagging neck skin.
  4. In addition to the neck, nape (the back of the neck) also need a massage. Way more or less the same as massage of the neck, which is kneaded with two fingers in turn. In this section, you can massage the more powerful and do not forget to use olive oil for massage is more easily done. Do massage for 1-2 minutes to release stress and tension.

You do not need to clean up oil on the neck and neck, because olive oil is rich in nutrients that can moisturize the skin and prevent wrinkles neck. Do this treatment every night for maximum results.

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