World Fashion Icons: When Kate Middleton met Michelle Obama

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Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama Duchess of Cambridge Catherine (Kate) Middleton (left) received a visit from Michelle Obama (right) at Buckingham Palace, London, on 24 May.

Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama proven their commitment in promoting the fashion industry in their respective countries. Kate wearing a collection of the British retailer, while Michelle chose Los Angeles designer.

Formal meeting a new couple in UK's, Prince William and Kate Middleton, with United States President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, at Buckingham Palace, the spotlight was not only focused on the bilateral agenda of course, as well as on clothing worn two icons fashion world, Kate and Michelle.

Both appear in the strength of their respective styles. Kate Middleton who is now bearing the title Duchess of Cambridge choose the look simple, but elegant in a golden gown from the British highstreet retailer Reiss, Michelle Obama looks bright while using the ensemble of Barbara Tfank, a young designer from Los Angeles.

Kate's choice to use Reiss reiterated her commitment in supporting the British fashion industry, especially in the realm of highstreet labels. Prior to her marriage with Prince William, Kate is also often seen shopping in the highstreet labels such as Warehouse, Jigsaw, Whistles, and Dune.

Not to choose exorbitant clothes like the princess royal, she actually looks nice in the bandage dress "Shola" is priced at 175 pounds or 2,45 million IDR. Kate's complete appearance with black pumps shoes, clutches, and a matching necklace.

And, do not have to bother guessing, while Reiss confirmed the dress is still available, just a few hours, the dress sold immediately. Meanwhile, the official site Reiss suddenly cannot be accessed because the traffic is too full.

Reiss, can be said is one of her favorite brand, and the dress he used to meet Obama's spouse is the second time Kate wearing Reiss in the public.

Previously, she also chose a white shift dress Reiss to photograph her ​​engagement to Prince William. David Reiss, founder and managing director of Reiss said that he was very happy she chose the label to be worn on that occasion.

"Kate has been a long time consumer Reiss and we are honored and pleased that he chose to wear Reiss when meeting pair Obama," said Reiss.

Not only Kate success attracted the attention of observers of fashion, Michelle Obama also appear sophisticated. In fact, Michelle chose a colorful display through a combination of floral-patterned dress of pale green and pink cropped bolero. Hillary Alexander from The Telegraph calling Michelle dress worn as a stylish prom dress, simple yet chic.

For shoes, Michelle chose pointy-toe heels that have similar color with her ​​dress. Tfank, in an interview expressed his joy was selected as one of Michelle's favorite designers.

"An honor for me because the first lady to use some of my collection on state occasions," he said, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

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