2 Rules When Coloring Hair

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Coloring Hair CHOICE of hair color trends may trigger a desire to be different and stylish. If you decided to change your hairstyle by coloring, then you need to abide by the rules that look up to keep hair healthy and groomed.

Do not just choose the style and color

Latest hair color trends are browned. In fact, brown hair color now available with a variety of variations and innovations, plus a touch of highlights that make overlook.

But the principle, select a hair color according to your character, personality, and skin color. Whatever the model of your haircut, every color choice can be applied. Problem of age is also not a benchmark. Whatever your age, if you feel confident and match to the hair color choices are available, then you can start experimenting.

Rudy Hadisuwarno professional hair stylist says, color is important when choosing hair color. "The skin of women in Indonesia is more suited to the color of brown hair," he advised. Even so, the choice of hair color back to the individual personality itself. If the individual is likely to dare to experiment, then there is no harm in combining color with highlights of light brown hair for example. Also make sure the hair color of choice in accordance with the shape of the face.

Osmond Kitrana, Johnny Andrean Brand Manager, said that the choice of colors, styles, highlights and even hair, can make the face look more proportionate.

Special hair care

Once you decide to color your hair, you need to give special attention to stay healthy hair unkempt. "Hair that is colored, if not treated properly at risk of becoming dry and brittle," said Rudy, as the launch of Matrix hair color trends in Jakarta, recently.

According to Rudy, dyed hair care was much different from normal hair. However, you should use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. "The frequency of hair treatments, like washing your hair, just the same, every other day. However, the type of products and special treatment needs to be distinguished," he continued.

Regular weekly treatments at the salon is also just as well, such as hair spa or hair mask. Just select a special therapeutic treatment of dyed hair. Well, care is also important for the colored hair is re-touch coloring once a month. In addition, trimming to tidy haircut once every two months, especially trimming the hair tip.

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