William-Kate Living in Earthquake Prone Areas

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Kate Middleton and Prince William ALTHOUGH 'served' as a crown prince and queen candidates for the British royal, Prince William and Kate Middleton refused to stay at Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, the residence of their choice, in Anglesey, it was quite dangerous.

The newlyweds decided to become an independent and family living in Anglesey, North Wales, in a simple hut. Unfortunately, both decisions is quite alarming. Because Will and Kate living in areas prone to earthquakes.

The area around the couple lived reportedly often hit by earthquakes. In fact, David Galloway, the British Geological Survey, said the last earthquake in the region occurred on 7 August.

"It was just an earthquake of magnitude 0.8, but Anglesey is an earthquake prone area. Anglesey to be crossing a lot of cracks of the earth, and could be hit by an earthquake at any time. During this decade, there have been dozens of earthquakes in this region," said David. Well, be safe-Kate and Will!

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