11 Greatest Yellow Diamonds in The World (Part. 2)

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6. The Florentine

Yellow Diamond: The Florentine

Diamond with a bright yellow tinge light green called "The Florentine". Have a piece of an irregular shape (very complicated, 9 side -126 facet - double rose cut) with a weight of 137.27 carats (27.454 g).

The Florentine has another name for the Tuscan, The Tuscany Diamond, The Grand Duke of Tuscany, The Austrian Diamond and The Austrian Yellow Diamond.

Originally came from the Medici family, one of the most regarded family in Europe. Later, in 1743 ownership of these gems have been moved to Emperor Francis 1 who was wearing a crown of Florence at the time of his coronation.

After the collapse of the Habsburg Empire in 1918, this diamond accompanied the royal family in exile in Switzerland, but then the diamond has disappeared and no one knows its existence until now.

7. The Sarah

Yellow Diamond: The Sarah

Yellow diamond founded in South Africa. Weighs 132.43 carats, VS1 clarity, color Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow, according to Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The Sarah is a diamond that has the polish and symmetry are very good, cut by master craftsmen renowned diamond, Jean Chandesais.

8. The Tiffany Yellow

Yellow Diamond: The Tiffany Yellow

Diamond owned by Tiffany & Co. who was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837. The Tiffany Yellow is a yellow diamond cushion shaped with 116.60 carats (from a rough diamond weighing less than 125 carats). Tiffany & Co. also buy other soft yellow diamond with a weight of 51 7/8 carats.

Information about the date of its discovery is not accurate, some believe the Tiffany discovered in 1877 while the other 1878. Tiffany's famous designer -Jean Schlumberger- sets The Tiffany Yellow into a beautiful brooch model and given the name "Bird on a Rock".

9. The Allnatt

Yellow Diamond: The Allnatt

Yellow diamond found in South Africa, with color fancy vivid yellow weight 101.29 carats cushion shape and VS2 clarity.

The name is derived from its first owner, Alfred Ernest Allnatt, a soldier, sportsman, art patron and philanthropist who is active in many areas was recorded.

10. The Mouna

Yellow Diamond: The Mouna

Yellow diamonds are owned by Mouna Ayoub, Saudi Arabia. The Mouna weighs 112.53 carats and clarity VS1, according to the GIA on November 9, 1995.

Later, the stone was sold by Christie's in Geneva on 16 November 1998, lot 161, and generates U.S. $ 3.258 million.

11. The Forevermark

Yellow Diamond: The Forevermark

Fancy yellow diamond with an oval cut, weighing 42.02 carats (initially 78.2 carats), and the biggest diamonds auctioned online by saffronet.com (the first of its kind).

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