5 Most Wanted Men Hairstyles in The World

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Men Hairstyles Although not as complicated as women's hairdos, men's hairstyles are also quite important. Contrary to pop-culture stereotypes, men do and should care about their hair.

In fact, men's hairstyles are so strongly symbolic that no self-respecting cultural revolution is ever complete without a trademark. For example it looks from the season of Fauxhawk hair, not long after the UK's football player, David Beckham, wore at the 2006 World Cup.

Here are five most popular men's hair styles in the world for your inspiration:

I. Mohawk

Men Hairstyles: Mohawk

Hair styles of the punk community is in greatest demand over time. Those who love it will shave his head except for a strip in the middle, from the forehead to the back. The remaining hair is left long and hardened straight up with any liquid, including egg white, glue, hairspray, hair oil or gel. Another form of reverse Mohawk (the central part of the sheared), bi or trihawk, chelseahawk (with the fringe on the edges), duo-hawk (divided into two) and deathhawk.

II. Dreadlocks

Men Hairstyles: Dreadlocks

This hair style is associated with the Rastafarian movement. Dreadlock hairstyle takes time to make the hair so it is locked and allowed to elongate. This style evolved in the 1950s in Jamaica and reached America is becoming more popular as reggae music. Dreadlocks are also increasingly popular because of demand, were celebrities such as Bob Marley.

III. Fauxhawk

Men Hairstyles: Fauxhawk

For those who want to look punk but did not want his Mohawk hair to shave off the extreme edges, fauxhawk style is the right choice. Short haircut styled with hair gel to make the middle of this increasingly popular berdiri.Model when footballer David Beckham appeared to Fauxhawk in some games.

IV. Emo

Men Hairstyles: Emo

Hair styles are quite complicated for those not like her hair, Emo is good choice. Usually that uses this style will dye her hair black and cut the bangs to one side. People with emo hair style, impressed could only see part of her face, and others covered with hair.

V. Buzz Cut (Skinhead)

Men Hairstyles: Buzz Cut (Skinhead)

This style is for those who do not like hair. Cutting out hair in accordance wants. This hairstyle is always associated with the military, or partly into neo-Nazi Actor Keanu Reeves increasingly popularized in the "Speed​​" movie.

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