How to Use Perfume Correctly?

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Woman and Perfume Not a few users perfume spray fragrances for rush blindly. But in fact, these habits make perfume wasted.

According to Alexandre Freile as Axe Perfumes Expert from Fragrance House Firmenich, spraying perfume can be done in the right way.

"Make sure you are in a warm room. Spray perfume from a distance of an inch of the palm of your hand. Spray on pulse points, which is precisely the neck under the hair, wrist, and the inside of the elbow," Alexandre said on "The launch of Axe Provoke" at Score!, Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta, on Tuesday (09/20/2011).

Do you want to know how to use perfume correctly? Read his tips below:

To make the perfume last longer, he advised, use after bath and spray on the clothing worn.

"More and more fragrance 'woods' and vanilla, then the perfume could smell any longer. You can just select the fragrance that suits with your personality," he concluded.

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