Pippa Middleton Butt Slide The Popularity of Jennifer Lopez

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Pippa Middleton Butt The popularity of Jennifer Lopez's butt now started shifting by Pippa Middleton. In UK, there is an significant increase of butt plastic surgery because of Pippa.

Since her first appearance in her daughter's wedding, Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton is now a world celebrity. Many women feel that Pippa's beauty which looks natural is decent to be a referral.

Her stomach is flat, smooth brown skin and sweet smile that makes many women to bite the fingers. Not only that, it turns out many women in UK are also jealous of Pippa butt shape.

Because of the popularity, in Facebook there are even special fanpage to adore buttocks of this women who has the original name, Philippa Charlotte. Not only that, since the emergence of Pippa, the appeal of plastic surgery butt in the UK were reported up to 60%. WOW!

Women are flocking to plastic surgeons claiming they want a butt lift so they can look like Pippa Middleton from behind.

"Our clinic recently received a lot of clients who want to repair their butt. A few years ago everyone wanted to Jennifer Lopez's butt, now most of our clients want to butt-style Pippa, shaped but not excessive," said Lesley Khan from the Harley Street Skin clinic in London as quoted by the Daily Star.

Fever off Pippa buttocks directly taken seriously by many beauty clinics in England. One clinic even has a special program called, 'The Perfect Package Posterior Pip', an operation packet form Ala Pippa buttocks. What nonsense!

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