This Blog is Now Called "Diary Ifat v1.1"

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Diary Ifat Logo I'm so sorry for not updating my blog for several weeks. As you can see in my previous post that I just had my first son (please, blessing my son to be good son :)). This is my first experience being a mom. Tiring, but very enjoyable :D

In last two days, I've reviewed my blog and ask for my husband to fix some bugs and add some features. That's why I need to say this blog is now called "Diary Ifat v1.1" :p

Several additional features are: integration search form with Google Custom Search, adding Twitter followers counter, Google +1 submit button on each posts and also sharing buttons on the bottom of posts so you can share any good posts from my blog to your friends.

Also as you see in the picture above, finally I released logo for this blog, initialed "D". Simple, but hope this can make you always remember me and my blog :D

Thank You God for giving me beautiful son, thank you my husband for fixing my blog, thank you Google Plus Info for your tips, and thanks for all of you my friends for reading my blog! THANKS!!


G+ Info said...

Glad can help you :)

Ifat said...

@G+ Info: Thanks :D

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