This Guy Create Anti Bullets T-Shirt

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Anti Bullets T-Shirt This guy could put a price of $ 12,000 (Rp. 106 juta) for a piece of shirt. His client was not an ordinary people, but ranging from top stars to politicians. Only a handful of people in the fashion world who know his name, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Miguel Caballero, is a designer from Colombia who achieve success in America with high-end clothing line. The difference, not like Armani or Prada that carries the brand as a trend or selling power, but its function as bullet-proof clothing.

All clothes is made specifically to fit the wearer, and able to withstand the attacks of certain firearms from varying distances. Unlike the bulletproof vest that had been created, his creations really thin and flexible to use moves like everyday clothing.

Variations of fashion items ranging from suits, leather jackets, formal shirts, and even up to Polo shirts! The layman can not distinguish whether the clothes were made bullet proof or not.

In an interview with the New Yorker, he told that he was beginning to sell this dress because his fear of the cruelty of the assassins and drug dealers in his hometown of Bogota. But after he moved to Miami, he began to make clothes for many celebrities and politicians.

Big names such as Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, celebrity Sean (Diddy) Combs, King Abdullah II of Jordan to Prince of Austria. He even has made kimono for actor Steven Seagal, tunic shirts for Wu-tang clan and reportedly Obama's suits worn are during his inauguration as well.

Caballero said that the secret lies in the materials used. Each panel is equipped with a special cloth made from the same nylon-polyester, which each time want to washed it need to be released from the clothes.

He even revealed that the clothes are secured by way of anti-bullet firing bullets into each of his staff and even his fiancée who wear these clothes. This is to prove 'oyalty to the team and detailed quality control'. But keep in mind is every bullet on the clothes, the damaged panel must be replaced.

Brand Caballero is divided into four lines, which is Black's most exclusive collection, consisting of suits, shirts, leather jackets and wool materials. Gold collection leads to more casual clothing like shirts. Classic collection is devoted to military purposes such as police and army uniforms. Last is Seliver collection intended for the personal bodyguards.

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