5 Bad Effects Smoking On Beauty

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Smoking Woman

Smoking not only can damage the health. Smoking is also have bad effects on beauty. These are five of smoke's negative impacts on your beauty, as quoted from WebMD:

1. Making Face Looks Old

"The wrinkled skin under the eyes is characteristic of smokers," said Dr. Bahman Guyuron, a plastic surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio. Not only make skin too fast wrinkle, smoking can also make skin more sensitive to the dangers of the sun.

2. Skin Being Pale

Smoking can reduce oxygen and nutrient content of the skin. Therefore, some smokers seem more pale than non-smokers.

According to Jonette Keri, dermatologist from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, this skin discoloration can occur from an early age. "In people who do not smoke, rarely visible differences of skin color. But it can happen more quickly in smokers," he said.

3. Quick Sagging Skin

In tobacco which is the main raw material of cigarettes, contained more than 4,000 (four thousand) chemicals. And the dangers, such materials trigger the destruction of collagen and skin elasticity.

"Consequently, smokers's skin is too fast sagging and have a more visible wrinkles," says Keri.

4. Breast & Arm Slack

Cigarettes not only ruin the appearance of the face, but also your body shape. Your body skin will loses its elasticity. This occurs in the breast and arms. The researchers found that smoking was the main cause of sagging breasts.

5. Wrinkles Around The Lips

"Smokers using some muscles around their lips so that it causes them to have more wrinkles around the lips rather than non-smokers," said Keri.

As already said above, smoking can also reduce the elasticity of the skin. So that the lines wrinkles around the lips of smokers would be more evident.

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