5 Mistakes of Dressed at Idul Fitri (Lebaran)

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Muslim Fashion Style

Everyone surely want to look nice and perfect during the holidays. But mostly, we too often make mistakes when dressed. There are some fashion mistakes that most commonly occur during Idul Fitri (Lebaran). What are they? Read to the answer below:

1. Wearing Clothes that are not Absorb Sweat

For the sake of looking good on holiday, you often force yourself to wear certain clothes, just because the trend and forget convenience. For example, wear Muslim clothing that does not absorb sweat and heat like shantung or organza. Though the materials would cause a bad odor when exposed to sweat.

2. Using Transparant and Sexy Clothes

Adjusting to the moment of Lebaran, you should wear decent clothes and not too open, like the Muslim fashion. However, you also need to look kind of Muslim clothing that will be used. Lately a lot of Muslim clothing sold in the market with transparant materials, such as kaftans made ​​of translucent chiffon material. If you want to wear clothes like that, make sure you have the innards are polite and not too tight.

3. Shown Overstated

Be different during Lebaran not mean you actually wear all the accessories collections. Not to mention if you want to wear a kaftan-style Syahrini or Ashanti full detail on the neck, chest and wrists. Integrating accessory with ornate kaftan just makes you look full and seems excessive.

4. Too Relaxed

If you are not encouraged to appear excessive, you should avoid appearing too relaxed during Lebaran. Visiting your relatives's home by wearing a T-shirt and jeans looks like a moment of celebration does not respect the host.

5. Self Excited

Often you are too focused on looks, so forget the children and husband. You can also look beyond the current models wearing new clothes, while children and husband only wore a simple Muslim fashion. Besides looks mismatched, it can only get you branded as a mother who does not care about family.

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