9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week

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Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week London fashion week just ended, but the fans are very impressed with the English fashion designer's work who famous as quirky and avantgarde.

Many argue that fashion like of art works, but many are also inviting protests, reports the Daily Mail. Curious?

Here are 9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week:

1. Free Exposure

Designer Danielle Schutt explained that his collections has always aimed for a strong and feminine woman. But he was a little too excessive when translating the meaning of 'feminine' this time by creating a shoulder strap jumpsuit which only cover the breast nipple only. Not recommended for those who easily get a cold.

2. Love Clown

9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week: Love Clown

Duo designer, Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff explained the concept are nuanced ancient feminine design. Yet somehow the style that appears exactly with the style like a clown with a red heart motif applications. This clothes is suitable for you who want to join the circus.

3. Bookworm

9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week: Bookworm

Designer Kinder Aggugini admitted he was never free from the influence of rock-chic style. But for this collection, he influenced the style of nerds. The concept was embodied into a book-shaped headdress. Quite interesting for those who want to go to the gatherings book lovers.

4. Bathroom Slippers

9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week: Bathroom Slippers

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including while you are bathing. This happens on-line Fashion Fringe was initiated by Colin McDowell. In the spirit of experimental and imaginative, it is no wonder bathroom slippers can go up the catwalk to the stage.

5. Net Polo Shirt

9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week: Net Polo Shirt

This fashion is still on trend? For some reason the designer Henry Holland show back to the label House of Holland. Surely this is quite innovative and polite if you wear underwear when wearing them. But the blend polo shirt with a net models remain among the strange thing.

6. Bloomy Shoes

9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week: Bloomy Shoes

Shoes with flower corsage application or print a lot of interest already. But what happened with Ashish is a collection of native flowers pinned into the boots and leave it exposed. This is according to the designer Ashish Gupta is a good element of humor in a collection. Yes, very humorous if suddenly there are cattle over and eat your shoes!

7. Lured of Brocade

9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week: Lured of Brocade

In the Temperley show, lace fabric is maximized by designer Alice Temperley. No wonder negligee-style loose-fitting long dresses of lace material is shown as the embodiment of style experiments. The result? Maybe you look sensual, but with a loose silhouette became ragged.

8. Completely Denim

9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week: Completely Denim

Denim worn as pants and tops are still reasonable. But if forced like a collection of Fashion East, from top to bottom, especially with the accent completely torn and irregular would make the fight look like exhausted and harassed. Do not get stuck with the view that only carry the statement only. Adjust to the situation and conditions.

9. Too Big, Too Loose

9 Weirdest Clothes at London Fashion Week: Too Big, Too Loose

In Acne show which loaded by urban nuance and young style experimental, this collection tends to run away from the basic concept of the brand. Designer Ashish Gupta who also designer Ashish label seems was overcome a romantic mood in designing. Proved from the collection of travel-themed this time, it displays women's clothing that looks 'no intention'.

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