Blow Drying Bang Secrets

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Taylor Swift Long Blunt Bangs The secret to having great bangs is in the styling products utilized and how you blow dry them.

Although hair experts disagree, celebrity hairdresser Barbara Lhotan recommends that bangs should be towel blotted before drying.

Other stylists recommend that you blow dry bangs when they are soaking wet. Ask your hairdresser for suggestions and then be prepared to experiment.

Apply the styling product of your choice based on your hair's type, texture and condition.

Separate bang strands into small sections of 1-2 inches. Use your fingers to anchor the strand and then blow-dry from the roots down to the ends of the bangs. Direct the air flow "down the shaft" to add natural shine.

If you have problems with bangs that get either too flat or too frizzy blow dry the roots of your bangs first. Then use a small flat brush to anchor the ends of the bangs while you blow dry.

If you prefer some movement and bend, use a small round brush. You can also experiment with moving the air flow so that you direct the heat from up above the roots and from under the roots.

If you prefer stick straight bangs, once bangs are 100% dry, use a small flat iron and run the iron over them quickly to straighten. Remember if bangs are too straight, they might become limp or stick straight out.

Finish with a light spritz of hairspray for added control.

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