Five Reasons Why Men Delay Marriage

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Handsome face, age enough, and well-established job, did not a guarantee of a man easy decided to get married. Probably a lot around you, the man who considered it was time to become a husband instead delaying marriage. Want to know the reasons?

1. Executioners of freedom

Men often feel that marriage is the executioners of freedom, where men will not be able to hangout again as he pleased with her ​​male friends, came home drunk in the morning, spend a lot of money just to modify a car, or do things like unmarried men.

"If you're married it can not as free as now, you should think for both in anything," -Ronny, 28 years-

2. Affraid of can't make happy his wife

Apparently men are more easily classified as being insecure. Inferior and fear can not make his spouse happy, makes men afraid to step into marriage.

"Honestly, sometimes there is a sense of fear that my spouse will not be happy. When she want something and I can not buy it, wow it felt so embarrassed become useless man." -Dhika, 33 years-

Quite often this happens to any couples getting married. All you have to do is be patient and assure him, with him faithfully, and work together for the sake of happiness together.

3. Not ready to have a baby

Although he was the type of loving and likes children, but he was not ready to have his own baby.

4. Still want to pursue a career

Men may feel anxious and afraid when she married then the ability and job performance will decrease. So most men think to delay marriage until they are stable in terms of materials and what they want already achieved.

5. Not sure with the spouse

"Maybe because I'm not sure. I was afraid I am not happy. Instead of having an affair I'd better think about it first ..." -Joey, 30 year-

Well, maybe as a girlfriend she can accept you, but may not be as a wife. If your loved one never mentioned the marriage, she might not feel confident in you. But do not be discouraged, they just need some time to convince her feelings before tying the knot with you.

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