How to Selecting Best Bangs?

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Jennifer Love Hewitt With Wispy Side-Swept Bangs Bangs cut to enhance your face shape and when in harmony with your hair's type, texture and condition, can be wonderful. However, there can be drawbacks in other areas.

If you wish to accentuate your eyes, wear bangs that are cut just to the brow line which will draw instant attention to your peepers.

Super thick bangs that are too long may accentuate your note which may or may not be a good thing.

Selecting bangs should encompass a wide range of factors that include:

1. Hair Type

When cut and styled correctly, bangs can actually help fatten naturally thin or fine strands. Side swept bangs might give the impression of fuller strands whereas feathered or wispy bangs might negatively highlight thinning strands. In fact, the famous male comb over style is a form of bangs that should never be adopted by anyone trying to hide thinning strands.

2. Hair Texture

While perfect for naturally straight hair or hair with some bend, bangs can be a living hell for naturally curly or super wavy strands.

3. Hair length

The length of bangs can range from super baby short to long. Depending on the over look desired, bangs can be cut to blend with the overall hairstyle and cut. Bangs can also be utilized to help blend an uneven or disastrous cut.

4. Condition of Hair

Bangs may not work well for hair that is prone to breakage or has been chemically damaged. Each situation would need to be addressed with your hairdresser.

Hair which is prone to oiliness may prone difficult when worn with bangs. This is especially true when oily strands are coupled with oily skin.

5. Face Shape

Once you have considered all hair related challenges, the face shape should be analyzed to select the very best type of style to frame the face. After all, while helpful in minimize a myriad of lines and other facial challenges, bangs should flatter and act as a beautiful curtain of tresses.

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