Robbie Williams is Now a Fashion Designer Men

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Robbie Williams and His Design Two weeks ago, the ex-vocalist Take That who also success in solo career, Robbie Williams, launched a clothing line named Farrell. But many who doubted whether he was involved in the design process or not. Many thought the clothing line is just borrowing the popularity of his name.

Reported by Female First, Robbie admitted that he was directly involved in the clothes-line process. He also feels really enjoyed it. Singer of the song 'Angels' is pouring reference style dresses itself into the design.

He also told the British Vogue website, "I am inspired by the clothes I wear and love always. I work with an experienced team to realize my ideas into reality. I also really enjoy all the detailed engineering design-from drawing pattern, select the button to cut the fabric. This process is a good opportunity for me to create the overall look from top to bottom."

Robbie's been long enough to realize this but never had the chance. Men born in February 13, 1974 was also felt that he was not 'the fashion man' but he knows what kind of nice clothes to wear, and he wanted this reflected in the collection.

In addition to dresses inspired by the style of his own, label Farrell also received the influence of his grandfather's style of dress called Jack Farrell.

When asked what style of dress is actually Robbie Williams, man who had winning 15 Brit Awards are also revealed, "My style is always consistent. I like to feel comfortable, but also enjoy being a young UK and occasionally dress up neatly."

Farrell collection would eventually consist of jackets macs, duffle coat, gingham shirts, formal shirts to caps model series.

See in my next post photos of Farrel collections ;)

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