Sexy Lips with Neon Color

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Lipstick Orange Neon Color At last New York Fashion Week, many designers spend a collection of neon colored clothing. Neon colors is being so excellent, not only in fashion but also the makeup.

More and more people dare to come up with bright makeup, including lipstick wearing neon colors. But, deep and bold lipstick colors, such as burgundy or blackish red, still much in demand.

Want to know how to put on lipstick, either bright or dark? Peek this tricks from renowned makeup artist from India, Clint Fernandes, as quoted by Times of India pages.

  1. If you have thin lips, use a neon color lipstick is the right choice. That's because the neon colors will make your lips look bigger.
  2. Lipstick with dark color can be worn by anybody. But, for those who have dark skin, have a rather bright color added to create the impression shade. Just combine it with caramel or pink color.
  3. For those of you who have not dared to wear lipstick with neon and deep colors, try wearing lipstick the color of caramel or apricot. Then, seal with lip gloss orange or fuschia.
  4. When wearing lipstick neon colors, avoid using the outfit with a matching color, so the appearance did not look weird. Lipstick with neon color is very fitting if combined with a nude color shoes or clothing, to make the look more 'alive'.
  5. Then, for you black clothing's lovers, combined bold colors lipstick such as burgundy or red light, is the right choice. Of course, that does not look flat and look more dramatic.

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