Teasing Beauty of Make Up Artist

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Beautiful Eye

Celebrities always looks perfect all the time in different situations thanks to a touch of the hands of the makeup artist. From their hands, often born of beauty tricks that practical with maximum results.

Want to know some of the leaks? The following are quoted from the Shine site.

1. Free oily face

To create a beam on face but still protect it from excessive oil, you may be accustomed to using paper oil on the market.

But in an emergency situation what should you do? According to art director at Revlon Global, Gucci Westman, use deodorant on the finger and then press in the area under the eyes and the T-zone in order to keep face still look moist and not greasy.

2. Eyes look big

Make up artist Tina Turnbow which regularly handling Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore gives tips so your eyes look bigger, which change the color of eye shadow.

Try colors like plum, green, or indigo to replace the black eye shadow colors. "The black color makes the eyes look smaller, some light color even brown, soften the face," she added.

3. Smooth skin

Add aloe vera sap on a foundation that makes skin smooth and glowing. According to makeup artist Brett Freedman has ever worked with Vanessa Hudgens and Leighton Meester, apply a piece of aloe vera on the skin before foundation helps the appearance of your skin.

4. Sexy eyes gleaming

Wet eyelash will add the sexy side in your appearance. "Use the MAC Brow Set in Clear on the lashes, then apply black mascara on top of it," said MAC Senior Artist Victor Cembellin.

5. Thick eyelash without mascara

"You do not need mascara to make your eyes look beautiful," says celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh who had worked with Emma Stone and Ashley Greene. The key is only eyeliner.

To create the illusion of lashes volume, use a waterproof eyeliner dark brown or black on the top edge of your eye.

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