Three Ways to Fix Hair Cut False

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Straight Hair For women, wrong haircut can be a disaster. Not only about the appearance of less than the maximum, but it also resulted in decreased self-confidence.

Genesis wrong haircut can happen to anyone, especially if you cut your hair in places that were not subscribed. To that end, it is important to know how to work around.

Here are some tips from the hair stylist when you get your hair cut is not like as you want, reported from

1. Too Short

According to Erin Anderson, owner of Woodley & Bunny Salon in New York, just take your favorite iron hot or vise tool. The heat will stretch and make your hair smoother, so give the illusion of a longer. If you feel so desperate, you can use hair extensions.

2. Layer is Too Thin

You want to make layer effects to get more elegant appearance. However, pieces of the applied layer is too thin, numerous and messy. To work around Patrick Melville, from the Patrick Melville Salon in New York City, suggested creating the impression of waves in the hair. You can use the gel, and then have the effect of wavy hair with a curling iron. You can also break off your hair into a simple style.

3. Flat bangs but you do not want it or too short

Take advantage of hair accessories, if the pony is in trouble. You can simply pinned to the back with unique pins. Or, cover your hair with a scarf and formed like a headband. Then, to make the bangs longer impressed, do blow dry from the top and comb your bangs downward. When the pony was still warm, use your hands to flatten over the forehead for a few seconds.

Try it!

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