Types of Bangs

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Lady Gaga Asymetric Fringe It is always best when considering the addition of new bangs to chat with your hairdresser before taking the plunge. It is always best to discuss the pros and cons along with looking at images of bangs that you might like.

Your hairdresser can advise you whether the style you like would work well for your hair type, texture, condition, overall face and body shape.

Although bangs generally have descriptive titles and names, in essence a good hairdresser can custom design bangs that work perfectly for you.

Some hairdressers might combine a blunt bang with tapered sides or create a side-swept bang that has creative layering built in.

Listed below are some common bang styles:

Blunt Bangs

Worn just below the eyebrow these forehead fringes are cut precisely straight across from side to side.

Side Swept Bangs

Cut so that the hair tapers from shorter to longer lengths and is extended generally from a side part with the hair brushed to sweep across the forehead.

Parted Bangs

Usually worn as a modified version of blunt bangs, these bangs are often cut so that they part slightly either in the middle of slightly to the side.

Choppy Bangs

Usually worn as a modified version of blunt bangs, these bangs are often cut with a scissors and then texturized for a choppy look. Choppy bangs provide increased depth to the facial features.

Asymmetrical Bangs

These bangs will have widely varied lengths with one side being a lot shorter than the other side or the middle being a lot shorter than either side.

Disconnected Bangs

These bangs encompass extreme angles that often plummet drastically from side to side. Blunt edges may be cut into the bangs at unexpected locations and lengths.

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