10 Outrageous Moment When Model Fall on the Catwalk

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Falling Model

For a model, fell while walking on the catwalk is a shameful thing. But on the one hand, it is was highlighted and make himself better known. Here are 10 most outrageous moments for catwalk models, which are summarized from various fashion shows.

1. Versace

Falling Model: Lindsey Wixson 17 years old model named Lindsey Wixson falls in the Versace show in Milan because of her high heels.

2. Charity in Cannes (Lindsey Wixson)

Falling Model: Lindsey Wixson Charity in Cannes Before the Versace, Lindsey Wixson also fell in Naomi Campbell's charity fundraising event in Cannes.

3. Betty Jackson

Falling Model: Betty Jackson Never wear high-heeled strappy shoes with socks. You will fall like a model Betty Jackson in this show.

4. Prada

Falling Model: Prada Strap high heels with socks also eat a lot of casualties. At the Prada show in 2008, falling more than 2 models.

5. Burberry Prorsum

Falling Model: Burberry Prorsum Young model Nina Porter, 16 years, fell with spikes jacket when modeling Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 collections.

6. Charity in Cannes (Agyness Deyn)

Falling Model: Charity in Cannes (Agyness Deyn) Top British model Agyness Deyn could also fall in a charity show in Cannes. She then got up, and smiling.

7. Marc Jacobs

Falling Model: Marc Jacobs When faster walking, the harder the fall anyway. Proven from the bounced movement of this model when appearing at Marc Jacobs show.

8. Christian Siriano

Falling Model: Christian Siriano High heels are the culprit. This model was dropped until she lay at the feet of the guests while demonstrating Christian Siriano dress.

9. Herve Leger

Falling Model: Herve Leger The bottom of the slippery high heels also make the wearer at risk of bounced back. As seen from the Herve Leger show.

10. Juana Martin

Falling Model: Juana Martin Too excited, this model immediately plunged when coming out from backstage at the show Juana Martin.

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