Batik Cirebon Exist in London Fashion Week

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Batik Cirebon in London Fashion Week
The presence of typical batik Cirebon get much attention.

This period of Spring/Summer 2012 woman fashion show in London was enough attracted people attentions, especially for those who recognize the culture of Indonesia. There are two designers who are captivated by the culture of Indonesia, they are Julien McDonald and Peter Pilotto.

Julien McDonald, acknowledge his inspiration came from the technology of yacht in Monte Carlo which is crossed with origami style and Japanese tattoo print, as quoted from But many had a notion actually its not Japanese tattoo that she carries in his dresses, but a typical of Mega Mendung, Cirebon batik.

For common people, maybe print in blue clouds that he showed looks like a typical Japanese painting, but no doubt that print is a typical motif of Mega Mendung from Cirebon. In his collection, Cirebon batik motif is formed into four items namely; halter gown model bias-cut, set of suits, vest, up to white dress geometric applications.

The fashion critics are also assessing this collection are less creative, because almost the entire collection of techno-style dresses in the early demonstration like Balenciaga and long gowns at the end of the show looks like imitate Couture Givenchy collection a few seasons ago with the same theme, namely Japan.

Unlike the other designer, Peter Pilotto, who recently completed traveling in Indonesia, he acknowledged many of Indonesia's natural beauty inspired and put it in his latest collection. Assisted by his partner, Christopher De Vos, they maximize the tropical print and an optical illusion typical in divers shirt.

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