Add Yahoo! Messenger Status Icon to Facebook

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You can get closer to your friends by adding this tool in your Facebook account. Just follow few simple steps below:
  1. Go to main page here.
  2. Select your favorite image by clicking the category menus.
  3. Enter your Yahoo! ID.
  4. please note that you don't have to write the suffix / / etc. Just your ID.
  5. Click SUBMIT button on the right after the input text.
  6. You will see 3 boxes appears.
    - HTML Code: to put on your blog, website or social networking
    - BB Code: to put on your forum
    - Preview: How your code will looks like
  7. Copy the code by left click on the area code, then right click to copy the code.d
  8. Done. Now you just paste it on your blog/site/forum/another social networking.

See the additional instructions below how to use it.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to this Facebook apps page
  3. Click Allow button.
  4. Paste your HTML Code in Your Code box.
  5. Click SUBMIT button at the bottom of page.
  6. When you success submitted your code, it will appear "Your profile tab has been updated." on yellow box.
  7. Now, go to your Profile Page and click the sign plus (+) at the top of page. You'll see "Profile Box" on the list.
  8. Click, and Profile Box's tab will appear with your icon ;)

Unfortunately, Facebook is no longer allowed the application use sidebar tab location so we can't use Profile Box either Profile Tab :(

You also can see another how this code works for another website or social networks by clicking this page.

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