Lady Gaga Unique Style You can Imitated

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Lady Gaga

The pop star, Lady Gaga, is known for her unique and quirky styles. Clothing and makeup are strange indeed difficult to imitate, even so there are some of her apparents you can copy.

As quoted from the Type F, below are the styles of Lady Gaga's fashion and make-up mainstay we can follow.

Hair and Make-up

One of the signature of Lady Gaga is the long hair and bangs. Gaga made her ​​hair super straight so it looks make an elegant appearance. For terms of makeup, the singer of 'Judas' was always focused on eye makeup, like eyeliner and wearing thick eyelashes to highlight the shape of his round eyes.

Normal clothes

Gaga is rarely dressed like women in general, but during a leisurely stroll, this 25 years woman was occasionally wearing clothes that we can imitated a little bit. Her clothing mainstay is the leather jackets, tight leather pants, torn jeans, colored mini skirt, a blazer with a high padding and later singer from the United States are fond of using pencil-cut dress that shows her curves.

Shoes and Accessories

Women's real name Stefani Joanne Germanotta Angelina is always smart combining fashion with accessories. For shoes, Gaga often wore thick-soled shoes and high, like a kind of platform shoes. She also likes to use ankle boots with a sprinkling of crystals and high boots to knee. Gaga also often wear black stockings or nets. Do not miss the necessity accessory that is always wearing sunglasses.

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