J.Lo Paid 1 Million USD in Wedding Events!

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Jennifer Lopez

The singer and movie star, Jennifer Lopez, reported has received honors $ 1 million U.S. dollars (Rp. 8,5 Milyar) to perform at Serhiya Taruta's wedding party, the daughter of a conglomerate of Ukraine.

Women who recently officially announced the parting with Marc Anthony flew to the Ukraine the day before. "She (Taruta) children of the rich, are wants J.Lo appeared in her marriage and willing to pay dearly," said a source told US Weekly magazine.

After parting with Anthony, J. Lo look like excited to go back pursuing her career are had interrupted. "He became a working mother who has a lot of energy. Now J. Lo is really excited and will grow into a better person than before," said one of J. Lo's friend.

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